A Company is Only As Good As It’s Employees

To succeed, every company must focus on providing good products or maintaining great service levels to its customers. In doing this, employees and the critical roles they play in managing relationships with customers is often overlooked. Organizations are only as … Continued

15 Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Valued

“But he was fine with us; what happened?” This reaction from a reference who had recommended a candidate strongly, and was surprised to learn that things were not working out. So what did happen? Did the candidate really turn out … Continued

Want To Hire The Best Talents? Do Your Homework!

Could you be screening out high-potential candidates unknowingly by hiring how you’ve always hired? According to recent research done in the U.S., bad hires cost a company as much as US$50,000.  This doesn’t even represent the cost of productivity loss … Continued

9 Steps in Handling a Rude Client

Ever wonder what an ideal client is like? People who have established lasting business relationships are aware of the fact that it is nearly impossible to have the perfect client relationship. There is bound to be unmet expectations and occasions … Continued

Improve Your People Evaluation Skills

  Whenever we meet new people we make evaluations ranging from ‘nice’ to ‘OK’ or “not nice” or ‘beware’, etc. based on initial impressions they create on us.  Yet judging people correctly is not so straightforward at all.  Bad judgments … Continued

How to Ensure Seamless Departments Integration

When joining two ends of a pipeline, you need to perfectly align the rims to avoid leakage or blockage. In the case of an organization, the pipeline is the process chain between departments, and the management is the instigator aligning … Continued

Your Staffs’ Success is Your Success

Your Staffs’ Success is Your Success A successful manager knows the importance of ‘showing the way’ to subordinates to ensure the project is a success. Managers know fully well that failure to meet departmental goals can boomerang on themselves. Despite … Continued

How to Promote Teamwork at Your Workplace

What you can do alone, we can do better together. Crusoe, marooned on an island, teamed up with his dog. In professional sports where each player is individually assessed according to his own special skill, intense teamwork is a must … Continued

6 Productivity Killers at Work

Let me ask you “Are you productive every day at work?” How certain are you that your employees are productive as well?   Almost everyone is challenged by two things, time and productivity — right? If you were to take a … Continued