Make People Want to Work for You

MSW Research’s benchmark study of 1500 employees across different industries discovered that: “Although there are multiple factors affecting engagement, the personal relationships between a manager and his or her direct reports is the most influential.” Companies who watch their staff … Continued

Do Perks Matter for Employee Retention?

Broad and varied employee retention strategies abound for companies, regardless of size or line of business. There are Human Resources disciplines and corporate units that spend a serious amount of time planning, establishing policies, implementing strategies one after another in … Continued


In companies large and small for any type of business, we all know that hiring the right people is critical. In fact, it is especially important for smaller companies with fewer employees. One hiring mistake can create a ripple effect … Continued

Money is Not the Only Way to Motivate Employees

Source Happiness and contentment at work is one of the most important factors for work-life quality in the modern workplace. Employees are ‘internal customers’ and HR practitioners have an increased drive to maintain engagement and satisfaction levels. Sure, salary increases, … Continued

Effective Hiring Strategies to use in 2018

First impressions do count. Remember that good candidates also need to be convinced to work for your company. The recruitment and interview process is a prospective employee’s first impression of your company. It is a reflection of a company’s culture … Continued

How to Give Effective Feedback at Work

The ability to give and receive constructive feedback is crucial to the success of any professional workplace relationship. Feedback feels very personal both for the person giving it and receiving it since it affects self-esteem and creates emotion. If the … Continued

8 strategies for handling underperforming employees

It’s great when employees are delivering but can be stressful when they are not. Handling an underperforming employee can be a time-consuming, emotionally draining and complex aspect of a manager’s tasks. In any organization or department, you don’t always get … Continued