Determined to be your first choice search partner, we benefit your high-level recruitment initiatives with a very proactive, people-centric approach:

  • Unique, client-oriented solutions and ultra-responsive service
  • Targeted search methodologies that harness a vast network of global resources
  • Proven track record – across your region and around the world
  • Extensive menu of satisfaction guaranteed services
  • Cost-effective with no upfront fees

Looking to fill a high-end position? At IES, we’ll always go the extra mile to ensure you find the optimal solution.

Our Specialist Experience

Over the years, IKON/IES has built up a proven track record for providing top quality recommendations built on market insights and strong relationships with major clients and talented candidates across specific industries. Our targeted and precisely-focused approach is ultimately your gateway to an exclusive and extensive database of high-powered executives.


Excellence in All its Forms

At IES, we are committed to building lasting, long-term partnerships. In doing so, we offer an unrivalled awareness of both current micro market changes and emerging macro market trends. In delivering the highest standards of service and confidentiality, we remain your first choice source of talents from senior to CEO level positions.

What other benefits do we deliver that other executive talent acquisition specialists don’t? Why not email or call +632 551 1843 and discover the IES difference for yourself!