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Career Success: Gauging your Professional Growth


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Career Success: Gauging your Professional Growth

November 14, 2016

By admin

Career Success: Gauging your Professional Growth

So you’ve been in the company for 5 or 10 years, and you ask yourself, “Where am I going?”

Figuring out if you’ve made it can be a bit… puzzling. How would you know if you’ve made it? Success is elusive, and we all have our different visions of it. But how do we know if our visions are correct? Maybe we’re looking in the wrong place? Maybe, just maybe, I’m in the wrong place? These questions can give you a bit of a hard time focusing on your job, and you just might end up costing your company more than you actually help it. Read IES’s below guide on how to gauge success for your career and put your mind at ease.

1. Promotions

Sure, in your tenure, you might have been promoted once, or twice. But is that the end of it? What kind of position are you really looking for? What kind of responsibilities are you currently handling? Are you satisfied with what you’re doing, or would you like to do more for the company? Promotions are a good way to see if you’re advancing in your career or not (but it’s not everything!) The amount of responsibilities you accrue during your stay is also a tell-tale sign of whether or not you’re being a credit to the company. If, for some reason, you feel lacking in some of these, then maybe it’s time to reconsider and talk to your boss about it.

2. Believing in what the company stands for

Ideally, a company should have a mission and a vision that you believe in. Knowing what a company stands for and being supportive of that is a good way to know if you’re a good fit for them. It also gives you a feeling of satisfaction in what you do which leads to an increase in morale for you, and for those around and under you. But, you have to know as well: have you been disillusioned? Do you still have the same, glassy-eyed devotion to the company you had when you first started out? Figuring out the answers to these questions can be hard, and the answers harder still to accept. But if you want to figure out if your career is headed in the right direction, you have to ask.

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3. The workload

They say that as time goes by, your position is inversely proportional to the amount of work you’ve done. That is rarely the case. Of course, being in a senior position puts you in a place where you can command and demand, but what if you’re doing nothing else? Growth in your career means taking on newer responsibilities, never slowing down. Are you content with it, or are you not? Figuring out the answer to those questions requires a huge amount of time, so buckle up and get introspective.

4. Work/life balance

We’re all human. We’re capable of tiring out, especially when the grind keeps going past office hours. How much is too much for you? Are you still able to make the most out of your weekends? Do you still manage to get home and do some of your passion projects after work hours? Finding the perfect work/life balance can be hard, and you’ll know if you’re growing in your career if you find it. If you haven’t, well…


5. Learning

The surest way to know if you’re growing in your career is if you’re still learning, and not feeling that your job is monotonous. You could be doing the same job for 10 years and still be learning—but if not, maybe you’re doing something wrong, or your career’s growth has stunted. And there’s no shame in admitting that, it happens. Sometimes, you have to know when to move on, especially if you’re not learning anything new.

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Result: 1-9 of 37