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Different Types of Interviews and How to Identify Them


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Different Types of Interviews and How to Identify Them

September 1, 2016

By admin

Different Types of Interviews and How to Identify Them

When you think of a job interview, you probably picture a pristinely white office, with a rather intimidating HR officer behind a desk, twiddling their thumbs. Though you’re likely right, there are more than two job interview types, and each one has its own quirks and particularities. Read on and learn!

1. Phone Interviews

We’ve all had attended these, and it’s not very difficult to identify! You receive a call from an unknown number and voila, you’re talking with an employer or a headhunter! Most people would be caught unaware with this, but don’t fret. Remember to keep a cool head, talk slow, and make sure you stress the first and last syllables in every sentence, so you get your point across. Don’t panic, and try not to stutter! Also, it’s important to note that your diction will tell a lot about your character.

Remember, this is purely a voice call, and you can’t save yourself by fluttering those beautiful eyelashes or showing your manly chiselled chin. Good luck!

2. Candidate Group Interviews

BPOs are notorious for this, but they’re not the only industry that does it. Group interviews are when employers pit two or more prospects against each other in the interview room, so they’ll have an easier time comparing them. They also do this to test how you work under pressure, how professional you are, and how your leadership skills show. Keep in mind that this is a competition, and you need to shine—but don’t be overbearing. Remember to keep it civil, and never bring your opponents down; just be cool and your style will do the rest.


3. Panel or Committee Interviews

Often, when you’re applying for a supervisory or managerial position, you are interviewed by a panel of interviewers, to test how you do in really stressful situations (or to save time.) It’s definitely a lot more pressure than a one-on-one, so the key here is to maintain an air of confidence. Relax—they’re employers, not a court martial. Be sure to firmly shake hands with each of them upon entering, always keep a smile handy, and never think that you’re lower down the rung than they are without being cocky. Present yourself as an equal and you’ll be treated accordingly.

4. Brunch/Lunch/Dinner Interviews

While the prospect of a free meal might make you drop your guard, don’t let it drop! It’s still an interview. However, employers use this technique to see how their prospects react under more relaxed circumstances. Read up on proper table etiquette before you go (or mimic what they do), and order a reasonably priced (not too low, definitely not high) meal from the menu. Don’t order alcohol! A situation like this also opens up an opportunity for you to take stock of your potential employer and to establish a common ground between you two. Remember, this is still an executive interview and you are closely being monitored. But no pressure.

5. Stress Interviews

This style of interview is rather unconventional, but effective for rooting out the weaker players. Key indicators that your interview is of the stressful kind is when an interviewer is being argumentative, sarcastic, or rude to you. They might keep you waiting for a pretty long time before calling you in, and even abruptly pause the conversation to do something else. Don’t get pissed off at any actions of the interviewer because that’s exactly what they want! Remember to be civil, always keep a smile handy, and pay complete attention to whatever they’re doing or saying. They’re testing you, so make sure you pass.

These are just a few of the types of interviews most employers do to search out the best executives they want working for them, so make sure to look for the signs stated here and prepare for anything. Looking for your next challenge? Ikon Executive Solutions IES is right behind you! Ask us about opportunities that are perfect for you, and we’ll help you get in touch. Good luck with your job hunt!


Result: 1-9 of 37