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7 Types of Employees and How to Motivate Them


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7 Types of Employees and How to Motivate Them

April 18, 2018

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7 Types of Employees and How to Motivate Them

As someone who is a leader and in a position of management, you will find that throughout your career you will meet a diverse set of personalities. These employees all work differently and want to achieve different things. At the same time, it is vital to motivate all employees. A highly motivated workforce is a happier, more productive team. It is important that you are able to identify types of employees, so that you can better cater to the specific methods of motivating them.

The science in managing a team includes learning how to harness the unique personalities and traits of employees in order to create a high-impact team. Cultivating an inclusive culture that encourages differences can be the most powerful initiative your company can take. Here are 7 types of employees and how to motivate them:

The ‘Creative’
They are imaginative and creative, driven by core values. They seek creativity and innovation, and therefore love working on the cutting edge and in companies that innovate.

How to Motivate Creative Employees

  • Involve them in the idea generation process.
  • Delegate them to projects that need a creative boost.
  • Encouraging them to solve problems from fresh and different angles.

Make sure that you are tapping into their creative ability. Use it to solve problems and further the company.

The Security Seeker
This type of employee is most concerned about job security, as well as job stability. They want a predictable work environment that does not contain drastic and unexpected changes.

How to Motivate Security Seekers
Managers should aim to:

  • Communicate a lot with these types of employees, especially any positive news about the organization and how it is doing.
  • Help convince them that this is a long term job, and that their loyalty will be rewarded through promotions and job benefits.

The Extrovert
These employees value friendship and building meaningful relationships in the workplace. They work well in teams, are great when it comes to social activities, and are usually there to lend a helping hand to colleagues who need it.

How to Motivate Extroverts
They are best motivated if you:

  • Create a social work environment.
  • Hold regular social events and get-togethers.
  • Stop by and have a chat with them every once in a while just to socialize.

The Performer
Best describe as “builders”, these employees are materialistic, seeking rewards in terms of money, above-average-living, and material satisfaction. They are building their dream life. They typically aim for jobs that are above average pay with clear promotion paths. They also expect a strong correlation between performance and reward.

How to Motivate Performers
To best motivate the object-oriented types, make sure that they have:

  • Clear career paths with chances for promotions and increased responsibility.
  • Regular progress reviews.
  • Recognition for their hard work, as appropriate.
  • Clear goals and clearly stated rewards for achieving those goals.

The Star
This kind of employee wants recognition and respect. They also want to be number one, and seek power and influence. They typically enjoy management roles, where they can direct others.

How to Motivate Star Employees
They are motivated by:

  • Status increases within the organization.
  • Constructive feedback.
  • Good publicity about themselves.

The Knowledge-Seeker
These employees heavily seek knowledge and mastery of skill. They like roles that are highly specialized. They expect their personal developments that lead to higher expertise to be recognized.

How to Motivate Knowledge-Seekers
They get motivated when they are:

  • Recognized and appreciated for their expertise.
  • Encouraged to mentor other less skilled employees.
  • Connected with other experts so that they can build their skills even further.

The Free
This worker seeks most of all freedom. They are independent and autonomous. They prefer roles that offer the freedom of controlling their own time and making their own work related decisions.

How to Motivate Autonomous Employees
You can best motivate them by:

  • Sharing what the company vision and goals are.
  • Delegating responsibility in a way that lets them work autonomously.
  • Supporting and understanding their independence.
  • Giving them the freedom they seek. Try to avoid micro-managing them, but at the same time set clear boundaries.

The list covers the majority of employee types and their specific motivators however there are few out there that are motivated differently.

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Result: 1-9 of 37