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Six Signs You’re on the Wrong Career Path and What To Do About It


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Six Signs You’re on the Wrong Career Path and What To Do About It

January 25, 2018

By admin

Six Signs You’re on the Wrong Career Path and What To Do About It
  1. Your career is something you need to choose with care specially if you are embarking on an executive or a senior role. Part of the consideration for accepting a job offer is the career progression that the job opportunity itself presents. Career advancement is not a matter of wait-and-see. It is a goal that you decide to pursue before joining any organization.Feeling like you’ve hit a brick wall midway into your chosen career is perfectly normal. There is no perfect work situation. However, your decision to either stay on the same course or explore options to shift to a new career is a fork in the road that you’ll need to face objectively in order to succeed. If you want to know whether the career path you have chosen is still the right one for you, this article will help you to discover if you are on the right career path or if it’s time to move on. Ask yourself the following questions:

    1. Do You Feel Limited or Trapped?
    It is universal advice that you need to do what you love. The simplest interpretation of this advice is that when you do what you love, the feeling of being boxed up will not arise. But if whenever you need to go to work you get the sense of being forced to do whatever the job demands, then you need to review your decision about the job.

    Your true career path won’t feel like a dead-end job, and you will enjoy most of the time you spend doing it. Remember, it is not only about the pay; it is about the joy and satisfaction your get doing your job.

    2. Are You Applying Yourself Fully to Your Work?
    Motivation on the job is the satisfaction and results you get from the job. When you like or love what you do, you will not need anyone to breathe down your neck to get things done. You won’t need your boss to tell you what to do before coming up with the initiative to get things done.

    If you are in a job for some time and you discover you are not learning new things or adding value, then something is not right. If you feel burdened and want to get out of your workplace as soon as you can, it’s a sign that something needs to change. Chances are you are getting bored and can progress to doing something more challenging or a different job.

    3. Are You Committed to Improving Continuously?
    The human mind is like the muscles in our body, the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets and needs new challenges. But when you are in a job for a couple of years, and you are not getting to do and try different things that add to your achievements, you probably need to change jobs or move to a different career path.

    To get job satisfaction, you are expected to grow and reach greater heights. If you are not growing on the job, but are just a number in the office instead of establishing your individuality and getting the recognition deserved through your contribution, you maybe on the wrong career path. The earlier you take a detour and find something worthwhile or different, the better for you.

    4. Are You Always On the Lookout for New Job Opportunities?
    If you are in a career where you derive satisfaction and feel fulfilled from the job, there won’t be cause for you to jump jobs or look for new things to do. Rather, your effort will center on finding better ways to contribute and become an industry expert.


    5. Do You Find Yourself Wishing You Were Somewhere Else?
    Everything we do in life should satisfy us and make us happy. Whether it’s your job, education, the food you eat or family life. If you are on a career path and you don’t feel a moment of happiness, it’s about time you begin to review your career to decide whether it’s the right path for you or not. After all, you spend most of your waking hours at work.

    Many people have spent countless years tolerating a job they ought to have sent packing long ago, but for the sake of survival they hang on and continue to bear the pain and frustration from an unfulfilled job. Soon, at old age in most cases, these people will look back to discover an empty life. If your job isn’t giving you happiness and satisfaction, you are most likely on the wrong career path.

    6. Do You Consider Your Work Drudgery?
    Enthusiasm about your job and every part of it is the first indicator you are on the right or wrong career path. When discussing your job, if you do not feel the urge to want to contribute or look for a better way to add value, you are not where you ought to be.

    When you are enthusiastic about your job, everything around you will look like it’s your job. You will always want to bring everything around you to your job to add value and make things better. When enthusiasm is lacking on a job, you are always at the mercy of whatever comes your way. Every day working at an unexciting job is like living in hell.

    If you answered ‘Yes’ to one or more of these questions, you may want to take a step back and assess your work situation and evaluate yourself against the goals you’ve initially set before taking on a new job. It may be time to approach IES to help get you on the right track to reach your full potential. Send your resume to IES and let us help you find a better job or put you on the right career path.

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Result: 1-9 of 37