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Is it Time to Move On? Signs of Moving Forward


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Is it Time to Move On? Signs of Moving Forward

November 21, 2016

By admin

Is it Time to Move On? Signs of Moving Forward

No matter how hard you work at your job, and no matter how much you say you love your job, there comes a time when everything just stops being interesting any more. You get bored; you spend more time browsing Facebook than you do actually working. Or, your sales keep dropping and you can’t be bothered to improve upon it anymore. Even worse, you start resenting the people you work with, and are threatened by the new, younger employees that your company employs, and you’re left with a feeling of dread that you’re soon to be cut off. What are the signs that it’s time to go?

1. Making up excuses to leave work early or call in sick just to not be in the office

Apathy is a real concern. You know you’re apathetic in your work when you take a sick day just to stay at home and watch Netflix. Or you make up an off-site meeting just so you can have a few more hours to yourself, free of work. When you find yourself missing more days than you should, maybe you’re just not interested in your field of work or your company any more. Consider trying out our services when this hits—we’ll help you in the best way we can.

2. Your health is starting to fail because of work

Occasionally, taking overtime is okay. Sometimes the work just piles up and you need to get it done! But what if all those overtime hours are making your health fail? What if that cold was induced by staying in a freezing air-conditioned environment for too long? What if your sight is failing because you’ve been spending too much time facing spreadsheets? When your body starts to complain, maybe it’s time to reconsider whether or not you should still be there.


3. There’s just no challenge in the work anymore

No matter what you do, there’s always an avenue for creative execution. It’s one of the little ways we make our jobs a little more interesting. Trying out more personalized approaches to sell, writing better copy to entice your audiences, or even just trying out new colour schemes for your spreadsheet… but what if it’s not fun anymore? What most people seem to forget is that you can have fun in your job, but that still has its own ceiling? When you reach that stage… now what?

4. You don’t believe in what the company stands for any more

Your time is important, and there’s only so much of it. The best way to use your time is if you spend it doing something you believe in and love. Whatever your job is, there’s a mission and a vision that motivates you to keep going, and keep giving your best effort for the company. Although, there comes a point when people get disillusioned about what they do and the values they once believed in don’t necessarily reflect in what they do any more. This is a sure-fire way to know if you’re supposed to stay. If what you believe in doesn’t match what the company believes in, maybe it’s time to contact IES.


5. You just don’t like your boss

Management is essential for a company to keep growing. Yes, we’ve all had horrible bosses. But your boss can be the nicest leader in the world, giving you free meals every now and then, taking the company out on trips, but there’s just something off about what your working relationship is. A good way to know if it’s time to move on is to figure out if you still appreciate and respect the people on top. When you don’t, and when you believe that conflict is bound to happen because your personal feelings might get in the way of work (and end up costing the company a fair amount), well, it’s time to move on.

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Result: 1-9 of 37